Choosing the Best Feather or Down Pillows

Although often overlooked, pillows are a very personal item. Even those who have several pillows on their bed have that one pillow that helps them to sleep comfortably. A pillow needs to have the right comfort and fullness to provide a good night’s sleep. A feather pillow can provide a luxurious comfort not found in any other pillow material. However, feather and down pillows are not necessarily the same thing. It is important to understand the difference and how to get the best and most comfortable pillow.

Feather pillow

Feather pillows are pillows filled with the actual feathers from various types of birds. Feather pillows provide a unique comfort that cannot be found in cotton or polyester filling products. Unfortunately, feathers often contain quills that can poke through the material of the pillow and become uncomfortable during the night. All feather pillows are less expensive than other types of pillows, but do not last long and become flattened with use.

Down pillow

Although still basically feather pillows, a down pillow is not made with the actual feathers of a bird. The down is the fine layer of feathers under the tough exterior feathers of a bird. It is a more thick and padded type of feather that does not have the quills feathers do. This provides the comfort of feather pillows without the quills poking through the pillow. The down also provides more durability for the pillow to prevent flattening.

Down and feather pillow

Pillows made completely with down, although more comfortable, can be quite expensive. Larger fill down from older birds can provide a much thicker and durable pillow, but can be even more expensive. An alternative to this expense is using pillows that combine regular feathers and down. This provides the comfort with a little more durability than just feather pillows. Unfortunately, there is still the potential for quills to poke through.

Choosing the right type of feather pillow often comes down to the buyers budget. If cost and availability were not an issue, the only pillow to choose is one with large fill down only. However, choosing a feather pillow of smaller fill down, a combination of down and feather, or even feathers alone can provide a luxurious comfort that cannot be found anywhere else.